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Current System of Records Notices (SORNs)


A SORN must be published in the Federal Register for a collection of information in which files are generally retrieved by means of PII, or an identifying number that can easily be linked to PII.

Current NOAA SORNs:

NOAA-1, Applicants for the NOAA Corps, published 11/24/2015; effective 1/19/2016.

NOAA-3, NOAA Corps Officer Official Personnel Folders, published 5/5/2016, effective notice pending.

NOAA-11, Contact Information for Members of the Public Requesting or Providing Information Related to NOAA’s Mission, published 10/9/2015 and effective 11/23/2015.

NOAA-12, Marine Mammals,Endangered and Threatened Species, Permits and Authorizations, Applicants, published 7/8/16.

NOAA-14, Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program; Office of Education, Educational Partnership Program (EPP); Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program and National Marine Fisheries Service Recruitment, Training, and Research Program, published 9/17/2015 and effective 10/28/2015.

NOAA-15, Monitoring of National Marine Fisheries Service Observers, published 7/31/2014 and effective 9/2/2014.

NOAA-16, Economic Data Reports for Alaska Federally Regulated Fisheries off the coast of Alaska, published 10/9/2015 and effective 11/23/2015.

NOAA-19, Permits and Registrations for United States Federally Regulated Fisheries, published 8/7/2015 and effective 9/15/2015.

NOAA-20, Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) 406 MHz Emergency Beacon Registration Database, published 1/12/2017 and effective 2/21/2017.

NOAA-21, Financial Systems Division, published 7/8/16.

NOAA-22, NOAA Health Services Questionnaire (NHSQ) and Tuberculosis Screening Document (TSD), published 1/19/2016 and effective 3/1/2016.

NOAA-23, West Coast Region Economic Data Reports, published 8/7/2015 and effective 9/15/2015.